Meet Miss P. Miss P is a beagle, and she just won best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. She is one sharp-looking bitch.

The New York Times reports that spiffy little Miss P was a somewhat "surprising choice" for best in show. The crowd favorite, you see, was the Old English sheepdog Swagger. And she's constantly compared to her more renowned great uncle, the first Westminster-winning beagle:

Miss P, who is retiring to motherhood, did not exhibit the palpable charm of Uno, who howled at strategic points when he was judged at Westminster. Miss P is adorable, of course, but lacks the almost overwhelming charisma of her more famous relative, who became the most famous of all Westminster Best in Show winners.


But the judge praised her "wonderful type" and "wonderful head." Look at her. Gaze upon her noble countenance. Stare into her soulful eyes. JUST LOOK AT HER:


So damn majestic. So brain-meltingly adorable. Send help.

Photos via Getty.