Dominique Strauss-Kahn began his testimony yesterday in his trial for "pimping," and we finally got to hear former International Monetary Fund head's defense for participating in lavish orgies in Paris and Washington. Strauss-Kahn's defense, nutshelled: He only went to four orgies a year, and he was totally unaware the women he had sex with at them were paid to be there.

Strauss-Kahn is charged along with 13 others with "aggravated pimping," for his alleged role in the sex parties, which were held in Lille, France, Paris and Washington D.C. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $1.7 million fine. On his way to court yesterday, three topless protesters from the Ukranian activist group Femen mobbed Strauss-Kahn's car, shouting insults; at least one of them had "DSK, Your Turn To Be Fucked" daubed on her chest and back. The women were quickly thrown to the ground by police and then detained.


In court, Strauss-Kahn testified that the orgies weren't "unbridled," saying they took place just four times a year. He added, too, that at the time he'd been under a huge amount of stress heading the IMF (and everyone knows that orgies are the only way for world leaders to blow off steam). He said he was "unaware" that the women at the parties were sex workers. According to the New York Times, leaked text messages from the time of the parties shows that he occasionally referred to the women as "equipment." A sex worker who was present at the parties testified in 2010 that the way she was treated at them made her feel "like an object."

A Femen activist is carried away after protesting in front of the courthouse in Lille, France where Strauss-Kahn's trial is being held. Photo via AP