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Last Night's Broad City Was All About Pegging

Illustration for article titled Last Nights iBroad City/i Was All About Pegging

On Wednesday night's episode of Broad City, Abbi finally gets her shot with her bearded beauty of a neighbor Jeremy.


Abbi's been lusting after this dude since episode one and now they're finally hooking up. The connection is there, mentally and physically. But then mid-sexual-escapade, in his perfectly custom-built apartment, Abbi asks Jeremy to switch positions. He takes it the wrong way and grabs a strap-on from his drawer. "Right in the butt," he says, presenting his ass to her. Instead of being turned off by her longtime crush's pegging desires, Abbi decides to be a sport and give it a shot, taking it more as an opportunity to experiment than an automatic assumption about his sexuality.

Still iffy about it, she goes to put on the strap-on in the bathroom and calls Ilana for a second opinion. Ilana, who's of course thrilled about this "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," does a celebratory dance and says, "All throughout college I slept with a strap-on on, just in case the opportunity came along that you have handed to you on a silver fucking platter." The way it's all handled is somewhere between mature, amused and bewildered and makes you wonder how you'd honestly react in that situation.


Sadly, Abbi and Jeremy's affair turns sour when she mistakenly warps his dildo in the dishwasher and buys a replacement one that's not to his liking. He's unnecessarily rude about it, which is more of a turn off than the pegging. Here's hoping their disagreement is only temporary because these two lovebirds could work well together.

Equally amusing was the other half of this episode, which takes Ilana and her mom on a journey through the underbelly of New York's counterfeit bag operation and involves crawling into a manhole.

Image via Comedy Central

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My man and I recently delved into pegging. We had done plenty of butt play with his glass dildo, but a few weeks ago, I invested in a harness and pretty purple strap-on. I pegged him, he loved it. But the next day? Holy christ! My back! My core! So sore. I had no idea I was getting such a good workout.