Jenny Slate Reps Reproductive Rights In Acceptance Speech

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Jenny Slate, star of last year's pitch-perfect abortion comedy Obvious Child, won the Best Actress in Comedy Award at last night's Critic's Choice Awards.

Other nominees included Rose Byrne for Neighbors, Rosario Dawson for Top Five, Melissa McCarthy for St. Vincent, and Kristen Wiig for The Skeleton Twins. In her acceptance speech, Slate thanks her husband "for being hot stuff" (true) and, most importantly, takes her moment in the spotlight to celebrate the film's core purpose—the validation of a woman's right to choose:

I am so proud to be in a movie that is joyful and thoughtful and depicts a modern and authentic experience of unplanned pregnancy...Gillian Robespierre and Elizabeth Holm, who wrote this movie, assert that even while we're fighting for our rights we can do so creatively. Activism and creative expression can go together.


We're proud of you, too, Jenny!

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Did anyone else hear her WTF episode with Marc Maron? She's delightful. I want to just carry her around in my pocket.