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Malia Obama Is America's Next Rap Tastemaker

Illustration for article titled Malia Obama Is Americas Next Rap Tastemaker

Malia Obama, Known Teen, has been up to her USUAL SHIT: a selfie of the eldest Obama daughter wearing a Pro Era tee has surfaced (Gawker has more details about the photo's origins here), and everybody is mostly like, "good for Joey Bada$$."


Fresh off a lo-o-o-ng Hawaiian vacation with the First Family—which the New York Times decided was definitely awful and filled with eye-rolling, door-slamming Teen Mischief, because #parenting is #hard in the #social #media #age—the girls are back in town, and Malia is maybe-probably becoming the next great patron of American rap.


Although the president has arguably lost most of his swagger points over the years, Malia has only grown stronger, attending a Chance the Rapper set at Lollapalooza over the summer and now this, a mysterious selfie-turned-endorsement. Mom, you can have the fashion industry, Malia says with her eyes. I am Youth. I am Culture. I have Roc Nation on speed-dial.


Image via Instagram

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Bears for President

And to think, if you guys had only elected Mitt Romney then right now I could be finding out which was the best Mumford.