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Kathy Griffin's Got Her Eyes on You in New Fashion Police Trailer

The new Fashion Police trailer is out, and frankly, it may inspire you to do some policing yourself.


Kelly Osbourne, my dude, what is up with the pompadour fauxhawk? Kathy Griffin, of course, has replaced Joan Rivers, who passed in September, and as wry, acerbic joke-makers go, we can all feel pretty confident that Griffin will do her thing. Giuliana Rancic continues to be a scourge upon the shining beacon that is E! (LOL), and as Awards Season reaches full pitch we can all look forward to her creepily ogling her red carpet subjects, but gotta say—that striped dress, wine lips and nails, and dye job is extremely flattering. Brad Goreski and his bowties can stay, too, even though a stylist in a bowtie is slightly cliché. It is what it is. Let the games begin January 12 on E!.

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They replaced what's-his-face with Brad?!

Here for it.