​Engaged Couple Kicks it Up a Notch With Surprise Flash Mob Wedding

Surprise flash mob proposals? Those are so last year. In late 2014/early 2015 it's all about the surprise wedding. Any other kind of marriage is just wrong and outdated.


While I am not usually one for surprise proposals, considering that these two were already engaged and probably know each other very well and the bride was very happy about the entire thing. Which I guess is the whole point of things like this.

Cosmopolitan writes that the bride was asked to take part in a wedding photo shoot by a photographer friend, so she put on her dress and wandered down to the mall to be snapped. Instead, she was greeted by her father, her friends and her groom who asked her to marry him right there and then. It's just like that scene in Devious Maids in which Carmen tries to marry Alejandro, except everyone ends up happy and alive!


This kind of shit just exhausts me. It's just attention whoring.