Watch Yaya DaCosta Sing Whitney Houston's 'I'm Your Baby Tonight'

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Lifetime's clips from their new Whitney Houston biopic are coming fast and furious in the weeks leading up to its January debut. Today, we got Yaya DaCosta, as Houston, recording one of the late star's biggest hits "I'm Your Baby Tonight." *does a Whitney-dressed-as-mod-Audrey Hepburn snap*


Tambay Obenson over at Shadow and Act (via Entertainment Tonight) writes that "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" singer Deborah Cox did all of Houston's vocals for the film, which, in addition to "I'm Your Baby Tonight," includes "The Greatest Love of All," "I'm Every Woman" and "I Will Always Love You." So far, I'm impressed with director Angela Bassett's casting and musical choices.

Important question: Who will play Chaka Khan and TLC in the film's faux "I'm Every Woman" video shoot? I'm open to suggestions.

Image via Lifetime.



i will SIGN MY A$$ UP for comcast just to see this hot steaming mess of a movie to see Queen Angela Bassett's directorial eye bring my all time musical hero to the screen. Whitney Houston was a legend, and also, my first concert i ever went to. Her 1994 The Bodyguard Tour was the reason I almost abandoned dreams of being a business woman/special effects makeup artist/lawyer to be a world famous vocalist, and I think we can agree that my talents as a legal secretary/frequent commenter are much better used, but still. I could not KILL IT every karaoke night, had it not been for an early and well-grounded respect for Ms. Houston.

PS— That "Waiting to Exhale" .gif? Unnecessary but appreciated.