Directioners Outraged That SNL Cut 1D for This Perfect Raccoon Sketch

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Saturday Night Live's "Singing Sisters" sketch includes snappy 1940s dialogue and raccoons masquerading as people, two things that—in my book—amount to perfect comedy. So why, then, is it incurring the wrath of One Direction fans?


The sketch was included in this past weekend's episode—hosted by Amy Adams with musical guests 1D— and aired at the end of the show (the typical point at which they show their strangest—and often most brilliant—sketch of the night). A One Direction sketch, that was likely performed during dress rehearsal, was cut last minute—maybe to make room for the "Singing Sisters" sketch, maybe to make room for something else or maybe (most likely) because it wasn't very strong and producers decided that it wasn't worth cutting something else for.


Little did they know, however, that hell hath no fury like a Directioner scorned and, despite the band performing two songs and appearing in a different sketch earlier that evening, fans were not going to let this disgusting omission pass without comment ( via Uproxx):


I'm going to go chew on some garbage now.

Image via SNL.

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Kate McKinnon was ON FIRE in this episode. I loved everything she was in, especially the singing sisters and the cat lady sketch.