Sunday Night Sign-Off: Pretty Sure This Lady's Cat Is Trying to Kill Her

"Fin no. Fin no. Oh my gosh. Fin. Just. Sto—AUGH!!"

Today in Reddit: a woman posted this video of her cat Finnegan pouncing all up on her, and damn it definitely looks like it's trying to kill her. But don't worry. He's actually a cuddler. She explains her nutty cat:

1) he's part Siamese. they're really weird cats. 2) I totally encourage this behavior. He only does it with me because he sees me as his littermate and we play rough. I'm really lucky his behavior doesn't extend to anyone else...he's super sweet and cuddly with whoever comes over and wonderful with my son. But me...I'm a giant toy.

Apparently the rescue organization she got Finnegan from rescued him from a drug house, and this is just part of his nightly routine.

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A Strange Holiday Question: What gift do you get for the person who isn't terribly interested in life?

My mother is kind of a hermit. She's manic depressive, doesn't work, lives with my father, has agoraphobia and subsequently does not like to leave the house. She does not enjoy new things, does not have friends, generally doesn't seem to enjoy being alive. I know that sounds super-douchey but she tried to exit-stage-left a few times in my youth so you can chalk it up to leftover teenage resentment. Aaaaaaanyways... Every year I have the same issue where I don't know what to get her. A nice sweater? A book? I think I'm trying to find some Holy Grail Gift that will help her reach out to life - which is way more than most people are going for with a Christmas List, I'll give you that. Fuck.