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Man Arrested After Teenage Daughter Is Hospitalized Weighing 40 Pounds

Illustration for article titled Man Arrested After Teenage Daughter Is Hospitalized Weighing 40 Pounds

An Indiana father is facing a felony child neglect charge after his 15-year-old mentally disabled daughter was taken to a hospital by family members in a severely deteriorated state, weighing only 40 pounds. Jesus fuck.


58-year-old Steve Sells is currently being investigated for extensive allegations of child abuse, though he claims his daughter's potentially life-threateningly low weight was due to a medical condition because I guess his utter disdain for responsibility and also human life in general wasn't apparent enough. Herald Bulletin reports the awful details:

The girl was found covered in feces, and only weighed about 40 pounds. She was taken to St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital and later was flown by medical helicopter to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. [Anderson Police Department spokesman Joel] Sandefur said the girl's condition was so dire that her life might be at risk.


The girl's disability has not been disclosed.

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In general I'm against the death penalty but when he goes to jail forever, if they "accidentally" forget to feed him I'm not sure I could manage to feel bad about that at all. What a degenerate.