It's pretty damn chilly across America right now. But it's Western New York that's really getting slammed, with feet and feet and feet of snow stacking up until everybody's backyard looks like The Long Winter. This is what happens when nobody remembers to check those muskrat nests.

Via the Washington Post, the National Weather Service says Buffalo could get as much as five to six feet of snow through Thursday. Jesus Christ! More than a hundred miles of the New York State Freeway has been shut down thanks to lake effect snow, according to (The lake effect is, of course, one of Mother Nature's dickest moves.) Look, it's just ridiculous:


Reddit and Instagram are bursting at the seams with photos of unrecognizable backyards, so stoke that fire, Ma: I'm not leaving the house if this is the view from our porch (via Imgur):


100 percent hell fucking no. I remember the time somebody Laura Ingalls knew got frostbite and I'm not having anything to do with that:

It's enough to make you double-check the secret grain stash you keep behind a false wall in your apartment. Not that the two dudes in this video give a shit. Pfffft, gonna take more than a few man-sized snowdrifts to impress these guys. Shoulda seen it back in '77. Now THAT was a snowstorm.


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Images via AP.