The Latest Annie Trailer Might Make You Shed a Single Tear

It was only a matter of time before Annie got the full-plot-in-a-trailer treatment, and here it is!


I am always reticent to enjoy cutesy things like this because my heart is cold and hardened, but holy shit this is adorable and Quvenzhané Wallis just shines. Maybe I'm still emotional over the midterm election results but this trailer is riling up some emotions, damn you Sia.

Also, is Jamie Foxx playing a flaming piano there? Because it definitely looks like he's playing a flaming piano.


Seems like they're going the Hannigan isn't really so awful route, and probably leaving the real evil to Rooster & Lily, like the Carol Channing film did. Also like a lot of other stuff is different. And I'm actually completely fine with it. Will watch.