Jian Ghomeshi Showed Graphic Film of Himself Beating Women to the CBC

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Increasingly unhinged-sounding Canadian DJ Jian Ghomeshi was fired from his job at the CBC last weekend after allegations surfaced that he had been subjecting women to sexual violence to which they did not consent for years. But before he was fired, he made sure he showed his colleagues a film he thought would prove his innocence: a "graphic" film starring Jian Ghomeshi beating consenting women in a sexual context.


According to the Toronto Star, Ghomeshi and his lawyers knew that reporters were looking into his creepy sexual proclivities this summer. At the time, Ghomeshi's camp claimed to be in possession of evidence that exonerated him. Ghomeshi, who is apparently self-obsessed and constantly checking for mentions of himself on Twitter and Facebook, heard earlier this month an ominous quote from Jesse Brown during a podcast appearance, a reporter who had contacted him about the sex abuse story this summer. Ghomeshi mistook the statement to be about him and as a "last ditch" attempt at damage control, went to his bosses at the CBC with what he called "evidence" that exonerated him.

Turns out, the evidence was "graphic" videos, which Ghomeshi thought would prove to his employers that the women who were about to publicly accuse him of sexual misconduct were lying, as (according to him) it's possible to bruise a consenting partner in the context of BDSM.

Ghomeshi was fired that weekend. In the ensuing days, 9 separate women came forward with differing stories of what looks to be a pattern of abuse spanning more than a decade. Even the superstar crisis management firm he hired this summer dropped him.

Icing on the cake: the "ominous" Jesse Brown statement that spooked Ghomeshi so much that he ran scared to his employer with dirty videos was about a completely different story.

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Also a valid reason to get fired: showing your bosses a sex tape you made.