ABC Works to Make The View More...Something

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Ratings for The View are down now, that we know. And in related news, the show is being moved out of ABC News's daytime unit and into the nonfiction unit.


ABC News president James Goldston revealed the change in an email to staff Thursday, writing:

Moving The View to our non-fiction programming group now allows it to fully draw on the vast resources of ABC News and our team in New York, especially now that the show is based right next to the Barbara Walters building.

Other members from the ABC News team will join the team's recently hired EP Bill Wolff (formerly of The Rachel Maddow Show) to help "guide" it into "its exciting new chapter."

Just because The View is now in the news division, however, doesn't mean the show's ethical standards will change: remember, Good Morning America is also part of ABC News.

According to Variety, Goldston wants to make the show grab more endlessly desirable 18-49 year old young women who sit at home in the mornings and blog in their pajamas while watching The View. (To anyone who follows their new, somewhat manic Twitter presence, this goal will not come as a surprise.)


Lastly, Variety also has a great gossipy insight into a host that was being considered during the endless debate over new hosts at the end of last season:

At one point late in the process, they even started to pursue Carrie Underwood, Variety has learned, even though the country star would be expensive, lives in Nashville and doesn't publicly speak about her political beliefs.


Wow that would have been...

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Wow that would have been...