You Can Now Facebook Creep Other Passengers Before You Board Your Flight

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Ever wanted to really get to know the people with whom you are trapped, encased in a tin can hurtling through the sky for any number of hours? Me neither, but this app is offering it anyway!

Like the app Wingman before them, 'One-stop' travel app Quicket just came out with an update that includes a social "check-in" option, so passengers can "check in" using their Facebook accounts and, what gauge the attractiveness of their fellow passengers? See if they have any mutual friends? Bond over their mutual "Liking" of How I Met Your Mother?" and Incubus? Obviously passengers don't have to subject themselves to this nonsense—the social check-in is opt-in only. Huffington Post explains:

You can do so anonymously (without providing your name), or you can provide only your name, or you can post your name and a link to your Facebook profile. Then, your seatmate will be able to surf your profile and study all those juicy travel pics for plenty of pre-planned inflight conversation.


I guess the reason why this rubs me the wrong way is because I don't trust myself. I would abso-fucking-lutely creep on other passengers. If there was a hottie, potentially with a body, consider him creeped. I would creep that delicious motherfucker so fast, learn all of his sibling's names, and become overwhelmed with the pressure of falling in love at cruising altitude that it would only exacerbate my already present flying anxiety. And then we'd never see each other again.

Cool option, but no thank you. Not for me.

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All Corgis All the Time

I wish there was some kind of colour-coded seating arrangement on planes. Those who wish to chat - blue seats. Those who wish to be as anti-social as possible - yellow seats. Those who are going to be projectile vomiting all trip - mauve seats.

That way, we could all organize ourselves accordingly. And if you violate the sacred seat arrangement, a giant brick drops from the ceiling and knocks you out the rest of the flight.

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