'Oh Fucking Hell No!': Audio of Bristol Palin's Epic Meltdown

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Remember that time that the Palins all got together to look at Russia from their house (and just wave to it a little) and instead of a nice gathering where everyone talked about what a hero Bristol was for abstaining from sex, it turned into a fight with some old man calling her a "cunt" and a "slut"? Here's audio.

TMZ has made another deal with the devil (unless Harvey Levin is satan himself) and has obtained audio recordings of Bristol's statement, complete with crying, swearing and a frustrated Sarah Palin reminding Bristol not to curse during the recording. All they wanted to do was eat moose (I assume) and have a good time. And then this happened:

For a recap of what went down (although it still won't be clear and no one pressed charges), you can check out our previous coverage of the brawl here. Apparently Wasilla is an excellent place to live. Just, you know, don't go after the Palins. Author and humanitarian Bristol will take you out.


ETA: For those not able to play/see the embedded audio file above, click here to listen.

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She took her five year old to a drunken midnight snowmobile birthday brawl extravaganza. She automatically loses the argument.