Who's Had Enough of Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj Performing 'Flawless'?

That is a rhetorical question because the answer is no one. OR ELSE. Here's a full clip of their performance live in Paris from HBO's On the Run special.

If you haven't yet seen it, some things to note:

  • Beyoncé's mohawk gladiator cap was but one piece custom-designed for this tour by Versace, but it is the best one
  • There is not one ounce of sweat on Beyoncé's person and she out-Tyras Tyra in the arena of smizing mean-mug
  • "Like MJ doctor, they killin' me/Propofol" remains the hardest and most you-know-you-wrong-for-that lyric that inspires one to out-Tyra Tyra in the arena of smizing mean-mug
  • "We A-listers/We paid sisters" remains the lyric most necessary to be printed on t-shirts, No.2 pencils, iPhone cases, special-edition leather handbags, the backs of our eyelids and the butts of $100 sweatpants
  • Are they best friends yet

To further your enjoyment of this ubiquitous/inarguable best song of 2014, here is a vogue house/ballroom remix of "Flawless" by New York producer Byrell the Great, in case the overwhelming Beynaj of it all inspires you to headflips and suicide dips—or just a good old fashioned I-own-the-runway walk. Cause you do, mama.


You cannot cease with this track. Do not front.

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Is this the half a billion dollars in an elevator song? Because that song is all kinds of terrible.

(Can't play video sorry to be dumb like that)