The Sad Teen Death Movie Is a Lot Less Romantic with Ebola

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Sarah Silverman hosted yesterday's episode of Saturday Night Live, and while it certainly wasn't anywhere cringeworthy or raunchy as we all probably expected, it was pretty fun, even despite Maroon 5.

One of the earlier sketches of the evening was a mock trailer for a sequel to The Fault in Our Stars, poking fun at the tragic teen cancer/death genre. Ebola is pretty terrifying (and SNL probably got about eight jokes out of it last night), but we can at least enjoy ourselves before we all contract it!


Silverman also paid homage to her mentor Joan Rivers (the impression was good, but she flubbed more than a couple one-liners), celebrated White people while they're still the dominant race (until "2050, 2060 tops"), and poked fun at the 'catty manipulative broads' genre of soap operas, imagining what it would be like if maybe those ladies were nicer to each other.

This episode was more successful than last week's with Chris Pratt if anything due to Silverman's ability to own dead air. The woman has that on lock.

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I really enjoyed her monologue. It's great when they can just let the host do their own thing, instead of giving them another dumb song or that bit where they take questions from the audience...