This Is the Most Amazing Plastic Surgery Transformation You Will See

There are a great many stories of botched plastic surgery. Unruly butt implants, tragic DIY makeovers, and death are common themes in the quest for achieving perfection through science. That's why this video, showcasing an amazing transformation, is so incredible.


Miss Flower (likely not her real name) went under the knife in 2009 to have her nose and chin corrected. She also underwent a face lift and cheek augmentation. In short, she had a lot of work done. And that work turned out to be amazing. Miss Flower was attractive before, but her augmentations have made her look and feel even better.

The reason that Miss Flower is back in the public consciousness, five years after her surgery is because RuPaul tweeted about Flower's surgeon Dr. Philippe Chout who is fantastic at what he does. I mean these are some nip/tuck level results and if I could be guaranteed that I would not die under general anesthesia (something I am very worried about), I would be on the next flight out to have Dr. Chout do something about the giant bags under my eyes. (I guess coconut oil can't do everything, after all.)



I'm just going to file this under 'WTF', irrespective of its success and her happiness in the results because we ARE on Jez after all, so ... I'm gonna judge.

I'm all for burn victims et al getting access to bringing themselves back to a place where they're okay about looking at themselves in the mirror, but to take a perfectly good face — with lush lips, full mode-of-expression, celebration of ancestry, and true natural beauty — and turn it into yet another carbon copy of Modellish seems like an extravagance.

Her money, yeah. Sigh. I'm sure you'll get laid lots more. Or something.