The Daily Show Has Finally Solved Catcalling

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In her previous Daily Show segment on catcalls, correspondent Jessica Williams made it very clear that a woman's walk to work is not a red carpet. But clueless commentators continue to insist catcalling is just a buncha chill dudes dispensing free compliments, and so she is back for round two, bringing a camera on her walk to work.


You might be surprised at what that camera caught... if you are a man who stubbornly refuses to listen when the women in his life complain about the invasive barrage their daily commute can become. Otherwise, not so much. Great news, though: Williams has found a couple of solutions, which include prancing down the street while singing "You're a Grand Old Flag."

Once, when I was walking past a school in the dead of night, a man whisper-growled at me, asking how much toilet paper it took to wipe my "fat ass." Perhaps I am sensitive, but despite the reassurances of Fox News I did not find it complimentary. Suffice it to say, I found this video quite cathartic!


Ok serious question,

Sometimes I'll see a girl In a a dress I think is super cute, or she has some cool hairstyle or colour, or something else like that, If I had the ability to actually do so what would be the best not creep way to do so.

I often have bright colours in my hair ( though not right now, it has some dark green) and I've had people come over and just say they really liked my hair. It didn't bother me, some times it was even flattering, but I'm a dude.

soooo tl;dr
how do you compliment someone you don't know with out being a super creep