University of New Mexico is taking a new approach to preventing sex abuse on campus — teaching students how to have successful threesomes and give great head during “Sex Week.”

With a bevy of classes aimed at reducing sexual violence by teaching co-eds how to properly climax in sweaty ecstasy safely, the on-campus Women’s Resource Center is hoping to strip away student shame and ignorance around intercourse.

"We are using controversial titles, and some subject matter, to bring the message to the intended audience," said Summer Little, WRC director.


The instructional chats are mostly led by Reid Mihalko, a guy with a fondness for “Sex Geek” t-shirts, and called things like “How to be a Gentleman AND Get Laid,” “Reid’s Negotiating Successful Threesomes,” “O-Face Oral,” and “BJs and Beyond with Reid.” Be honest, you probably wish your college boo knew how to lick your clitoris properly at 19 but you had to wait until your twenties to enjoy the knowledge lovers acquire with age. "Sex Week" looks to kick that learning curve up a notch and it sounds fantastic — in fact, they should add an S&M class! As an R.A. at UCDavis, that was a resident favorite but the best part was shopping for the toys. *cracks a whip*

Naturally, there's a pro-life group called Students for Life at University of New Mexico’s campus who are upset that their classmates have the opportunity to learn about cunnilingus with their — or their parents’ — hard earned tuition money. But someone’s always going to try to stop progress, right?