Study Says Women 'Control' the Dating Market

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Researchers at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland looked into gender differences regarding heterosexual attraction and sexual partners and found that women are more likely to realize their ideal sexual preferences for men. Because we're soooo picky, right?

The study, taking data from over 12,000 Finns, looked at age in particular. Women in general preferred men who were the same age or slightly older, and this usually played out in their dating lives. But men "showed a tendency" to be sexually interested in women in their mid-twenties. Men younger than 20? They want a 20-something woman. Men older than 30? They want a 20-something woman. And men were less likely to have their ideal partners. Sorry dudes. I guess? I don't know, this all seems fishy.

The researchers concluded that,"The reason for why men's sexual interest seems directed towards women in their mid-20s is likely because women of this age are the most fertile." But I like to think it's because 20-something women are totally special and have their shit together (ahahahah no...). They also stated that "men's heterosexual activity likely is constrained by female choice."



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So basically, women have more realistic expectations, thus their expectations are more frequently realized.