Rage Hair-Cutting in Louboutins Is Nashville's Best Scene Yet

Nashville can be kind of a soapy disaster, what with all those hazy flashback shots of Rayna and Deacon (and now Luke with a terrible mullet!) and people inexplicably dying left and right, but sometimes, that soap gets sudsy enough to result in plain hilarious fun.

Don't get me wrong, Hayden Panettiere (as Juliette Barnes) is the best actor on the show and really, really knows how to cry on cue. But a scene of her sobbing during the premiere of Nashville Wednesday night was so over the top it prompted tears of laughter from this viewer. Just watch as those curls fall to the floor and land among her Louboutins. Watch as her hand shakes holding the scissors. Watch how the producers edited the episode horribly so it looked as though something terrible was going to happen to Juliette but really just made it so that we got to see her tremble-cut-hair-cry not just once but twice. Just, watch.

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"Hayden Panettiere (as Juliette Barnes) is the best actor on the show..."