Esquire's Perfect Two and a Half Men Goodbye: Fuck Everything About It

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Two and a Half Men's final season premieres at the end of October and Esquire's Stephen Marche has some pretty strong feelings about it. To summarize: Fuck this fucking show, its dumb fucking characters, its stupid fucking jokes and everything else you could fucking say about it. Well, fuck.


In the succinct R.I.P Two and a Half Men — In Hell, Marche writes:

Fuck 'Two and a Half Men.' Fuck everything about it. Fuck the men who are stupid and hollow and want to stay that way. Fuck the women who are whores or crones or cheerfully accepting wives or lunatic stalkers or whatever other hollow stereotype passes through the minds of its writers. Fuck the way they say 'boobs' as if that word alone were reason enough to laugh. Fuck that fucking laugh track most of all the things on this earth...Fuck that the existence of 'Two and a Half Men' proves that people, in the end, are dumb. Fuck that it works. Fuck that nothing can kill it, not even the total breakdown of its lead character, not even Ashton Kutcher. Fuck that more than ten million people watch it every time it's on. Fuck that it has run for eleven seasons.

I'm not a fan of Marche's past work (Fuck his stupid article on "the female gaze of contempt." Fuck the time he bemoaned that "women no longer need to be beautiful in order to express their talent," then named checked several "plain" actresses to prove his point. Fuck everything about it.), but — hey — when he's right, he's right.

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never seen a single episode of this show .

not one .

this is a small and totally insignificant badge of honour to me .

to that show :…