Watch This Saint Bernard Demand Hugs From His Human

Sully the Saint Bernard doesn't appreciate that such human concepts as "making a living" and "working hours" interfere with his quality time with his person. So when his person arrives home, he demands quality time in the form of slobbery hugs (and hugs are not optional when your dog weighs as much as a couch).


The video comes via Laughing Squid. Nice upholstered headboard, Sully.

If your squee preferences run along feline lines, here is a video (via Tastefully Offensive) of a tiny, tiny kitten playing chase with an adult cat. He is just a brave little ball of fur with claws and I love him and I want to be his friend. Go forth and weekend!



My dog does this all the time, except she's only 50lbs and seems to find the perfect position to drive her elbow into my ribs every time. Its a love/hate moment.