Here are 30 Real, Unretouched Butts, Because They Do Exist

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Not to be outdone by Vogue (who has just discovered that big butts exist in the realm of man and not just in popular fantasy fiction) or Twitter (which launched a campaign to remind Vogue that yes, big butts have always existed), Refinery29 has published a series of 30 REAL butt photos. And they are glorious.

Here's what Refinery29 has said about their slideshow:

Here at R29, we support and cherish all butts — from the au courant round booty to the pancake-ier shape that has fallen by the cultural wayside. From cellulite, stretch marks, and age spots to the perkiest of young butts, we believe they all deserve to have an "official era." And, that era should be all the time.

To that end, we photographed the butts of 30 women. And, we asked how they feel about their backsides — what they love, what they think is funny, and whether or not Vogue's "radical" acceptance of bodies larger than a sample size has affected their lives. Ahead, 30 butts of all shapes and sizes, both bare and festively adorned. No photoshop.


Listen, butts are awesome. And if they're coming back into style (have they ever been out of style? BUTTS!) that is even greater because BUTTS! What's not so great is that we need to have slide shows like this to remind us of what real people's butts actually look like, and especially what real women's butts actually look like. That sucks, because all butts are basically beautiful and also there is not one butt that cannot be loved, and perhaps we should just stop it with the photo-shopping because no one's butt looks like that, Vogue. If this is the revolution, let's all pick up a fucking flag. Do you hear the buttocks sing? Singing the butts of angry butts? -Shut up, Mark

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"...big butts exist in the realm of man..."

Apparently not. This groundbreaking celebration seems to send a pretty clear message that only women have butts that deserve to be supported and cherished. Or ogled. Your pick.