Love Weed? Need a Job? Here Are Some Options.

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Do you like being around and/or ingesting marijuana? Do you like sex? Or maybe you prefer the company of Waka Flocka? Well, have I got some great job opportunities for you. Consider me your Mary Jane job board.

First, The Cannabist, the Denver-based weed-themed blog that offers news about local and global cannabis culture, legislation and politics, food, music, etc. is looking for a sex columnist "with a weed focus." The job description reads:

Our new freelance columnist will write about sex, relationships, intimacy, gender issues and more as it all relates to a world where marijuana is becoming legal — and oftentimes present in the bedroom.


Holy Method Man and Redman, Batman! That is awesome, and I cannot wait to read that column. But for those of you who are less writing-inclined and more rolling-inclined, Waka Flocka announced on Instagram that he is straight up paying $50k (a year) for a professional blunt roller.

But before you run to the local gas station for a pack of Dutch Masters to fill with some Dutch Treat (for practice, duh), know that the job may have already been taken.


Get your resumes and references together folks. I believe in you.

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A sex columnist with a weed focus. Paging Adultosaur. Paging Adultosaur. Adultosaur, please pick up the courtesy phone.