Orange Is The New Black Set to the Golden Girls Theme Is Perfect

Okay, listen Regina Spektor, vocal artist behind the theme song for hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black. I like you. I like you a lot. But you're going to have to step aside, because this new intro credit mashup with the Golden Girls theme song someone on YouTube made is just too good.


10/10 would watch Golden is the New Black. Shit, I would WRITE Golden is the New Black, starring my grandmother (who never spent a day in jail, but was a hard-headed lady). My god, let's cast Golden is the New Black. (I know that OITNB already has a really diverse cast, but humor me?) For starters:

  • Dame Maggie Smith—some type of drug queenpin, duh
  • Susan Sarandon—she would have murdered her daughter's abusive husband
  • Alfre Woodard—corporate embezzlement

Give me more suggestions!

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