TV Host Asks Dan Stevens if He Had to 'Beat Off' Other Men for a Role

Dan Stevens aka Downton Abbey's Mathew Crowley (MATTHEWWWW, NOOOOOO) got a bit of a surprise on a morning television show today.


This video is hilarious. Susanna Reid, co-host of Good Morning Britain, was interviewing Stevens about his role in the new movie The Guest. She seems to have wanted to ask him if he had to compete with a lot of other men to get the role. Oh but the way she asked.

This [is a] big opportunity for you in Hollywood – you must have had to beat off a lot of American men. Why does that make you giggle? Did you not have to beat them off? With a big stick?


SHE ASKED IT TWICE. (Her cluelessness is perfection.) Stevens can barely pull himself together to finish the interview. I am officially changing the title of my autobiography to "Watching Dan Stevens Giggle."

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I love him. I actually love him. There's a tiny handful of guys who do it for me and he's right near the top. Funny, well-spoken, adorable. I miss his chubbiness but he could be covered in garbage and faeces and still charm the pants off of me.

And I know he caught a lot of shit for ditching Downton, but I really don't blame him. The show has gone to shit and should've ended at series three but Uncle Julian insists on milking his prized cow. This coming from a once uber-fan.