OITNB's Real-Life Alex Is Also Writing a Book About Her Prison Time

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Cleary Wolters, the woman who viewers know as the inspiration for Alex on Netflix's Orange is the New Black, is now writing a book about her life.


Piper Kerman, the author behind the book the series is based on, said Wolters was the woman who inspired the character known as "Nora Jansen" in the book. Wolters has spoken to Vanity Fair in the past about her version of events. Now comes word that Harper Collins will release a book written by Wolters that will go into more detail about her life in the penal system:

The book, titled Out of Orange, will be published in May 2015. It will answer many questions about the events leading up to prison, including the story of Cleary's foray into the international drug world and how the operation worked, the dangerous situations she faced, the alarming characters who worked with her, and her mindset as stumbled into and maneuvered out of a money laundering and drug trafficking labyrinth spanning the globe.

Wolters said she was inspired to write by Kerman and Alex's character in the series. "I think people may be surprised at what happened to me after I turned myself in – and where my life is now," she said. Publishers said it won't serve as a background material to the Orange is the New Black series. "The whole story is even more surprising and eye opening than we had imagined," said publisher Mark Tauber.

The book hits shelves May 2015.



Maybe I'm just a little on edge about this shit lately, but it seems kind of telling to me that if you get involved in the American Prison Industrial Complex and you're white, you get a million dollar publishing deal at the end of it. As opposed to if you're black, in which case you get dead.