FDA to Mull Over Viagra Drugs for Ladies at October Workshop. Yay.

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There’s a joke that says if men needed birth control, the prescription would not only be free, it would come delicious flavors like cool ranch Doritos or artisanal salted caramel. The same goes for the Food and Drug Administration’s focus on female sexual dysfunction: there is little research on vaginas but plenty of Viagra for dudes. Oops.


According to the Wall Street Journal, the FDA plans to hold a two-day workshop to work on ladypart problems in October. But a collective of consumers and drug creators have already formed a protest group called Even The Score which published an online petition to enlist the public support as well as a few Congress members to harass the FDA into caring about our sexual wellness. Even The Score says that there are 34 drugs for male sexual dysfunction but the FDA responded, saying only a “few” have been cleared for use.

The agency also counters that it has approved 21 medicines containing estrogen to treat pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal dryness associated with menopause. However, the Even The Score coalition argues this distorts not only the numbers, but also the larger issue because these drugs do not address female sexual desire.

But now, the FDA promises to get its act together and help combat female sexual dysfunction, also known as FSD and the reason behind all of those commercials terrifying you with information about vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. And while people generally think the FDA is being nice with their forth-coming workshop, which will zoom in on FSD therapies and diagnosis, some are rightfully skeptical.

“I am of two minds,” says Sally Greenberg, executive director of the National Consumers League, which is a coalition member. “On one hand, it indicates the FDA is paying proper attention and taking seriously the condition. On the other hand, much of this information and data has been reviewed by FDA for years and we still have 26 approved treatments for male sexual dysfunction and zero for women.”

Greenberg adds that Viagra was green-lit in six months in contrast to the workshops and public outcry it has taken the FDA to act positively around FSD. This is America! We demand a chance at Doritos-flavored sex drugs too!

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I mean, Viagra (or any other PDE5 inhibitor) doesn't really address sexual desire, either. It specifically allows the dick to become filled with blood and hard as a rock. Boner pills don't necessarily help guys with low sex drive, either.