'Chill Situations' Is the Chill-Ass Twitter Account the World Needs

This summer has been an endless stream of horrible headlines—plane crashes, wars jostling for the world's attention, a goddamn Ebola outbreak. What your news diet needs is a nice dose of chill. Which is why we should all give thanks for the advent of @chillsitch, a Twitter account devoted to chill situations.

All chill, all the time. Pure chill. Keep the dial locked for chill. Location, according to its bio: "all swim up bars." Peruse these examples via the Daily Dot and feel your back teeth unclenching, your blood pressure easing:


And my personal favorite:


Nobody! Nobody is yelling! Let's never yell again!

The Daily Dot secured an interview with the anonymous author of Chill Situations, who explained its genesis like so:

I was at this great little co-op cafe by the water in camden (maine, of course ;) and our apps were taking longer than usual (which is no problem by me. my main course is the view, and there's plenty of that ;) so the server brought out a seaweed salad from the chef. they had just pulled it from the bay that dusk. I was chowing down and then boom: a jazz trio starts up on the adjacent pier. They're playing a really laid back arrangement of "these are a few of my favorite things" from that movie. the name of the movie escapes me, but the notes coming out of that alto sax sure didn't ;) My buddy dakota looks at me, and we're both smiling and he says "chill sitch."


Let this account be your guiding light, your North Star, for the entire month of August. Together, we can achieve max chill.

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I humbly suggest they get one of these for the chilliest situation of all: