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P.O.V.: What Happened to All Of the Slow Jam R&B Songs?

Illustration for article titled P.O.V.: What Happened to All Of the Slow Jam RB Songs?

P.O.V. stands for point of view. P.O.V. stands for penis (Rich Juzwiak of Gawker has one, to pick a not at all random example) or vagina (and I've got one). P.O.V. stands for pork or veal, but this column is not about food or getting mad about animals confined to living short lives in boxes. It's about music.


For each entry of this recurring column, Rich and I will pick a current pop-music topic and debate it in the comments below. First up was Robin Thicke's separation swan song Paula and today, we're asking: What happened to the slow jam?

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Hillary Crosley Coker

Today's chat swirls around the fact that Rich doesn't really have any jams to grind to and it's making him sad. So sad that he's always saying, what happened to the slow jam? Like, why can't people just make lovely slow R&B songs that make you feel nice and sexy and like cuddling with somebody for a little while? Me thinks that like the death of Boyz II Men, as evidenced by their Old Navy commercials, the time for true mainstream R&B might be over. I doubt Luther Vandross, bless his soul, would've been as huge now as he was when he began ... but then again, every time I watch August Alsina, I realize that these contemporary dudes couldn't hold a candle to veterans like Luther, but maybe I'm old? Rich, what say you?