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First Woman to Complete the American Ninja Warrior Course Is So Badass

Kacy Catanzaro is five foot nothin', one hundred nothin', and just became the first woman to compete a physical obstacle course so challenging that it hobbles many athletic male gym rats who attempt it.


The former Towson University gymnast massacred the notoriously tough course on this week's episode of American Ninja Warrior, a show that, from what I can tell, is about what it would look like if your gym was designed by sadistic trapeze artists.

Catanzaro was the first woman to even attempt the final course she completes in the video above, and it's clear that during the entire feat of strength, the crowd was pulling hard for her. Her biggest fan — her boyfriend/coach — even climbed the scaffolding after she completed the final challenge to hug her while she gushed, "I did it!" She didn't even look that sweaty.


Within 5 years, we will all either worship at the altar of Kacy Catanzaro, or be dead by her hand.

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"Do you know how POWERFUL you have to be to recover like that?!"

I love the announcers. I love Ninja Warrior because it brings out so much genuine enthusiasm - everyone is just happy when ANYONE can do it. I work out almost every day and there is no way I could do this. Kudos to her and everyone that gets on this show for even a try out.