Nia Long Is the First Non-Elizabeth Taylor Face of White Diamonds

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Nia Long has been named the brand ambassador for the new version of Elizabeth Taylor's fragrance White Diamonds called White Diamonds Lustre.

"Elizabeth Taylor said White Diamonds was her 'Diamonds In A Bottle,' and that's what Lustre really is to me – Lustre just adds that extra sparkle," Long said. "I personally love the juicy pear and raspberry notes in Lustre – it gives it a fresh, fruity feminine touch." (On Instagram she added, "My beauty secret to make sure I always dazzle and shine on the red carpet @ElizabethTaylor White Diamonds Lustre #DiamondsInABottle #Spon.") According to master perfumer Carlos Benaim, "The Lustre woman is today's incarnation of the timeless glamour and passionate nature that Elizabeth Taylor personifies and inspires."

As AdWeek wrote in 2011 after Taylor's death, White Diamonds is a classic fragrance and one of the best selling of all time. Taylor really started the trend of celebrity fragrances (plus, proceeds from her scents go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation). Sold through Macy's and produced by Elizabeth Arden, we can assume this means Long will be starring in ads and commercials for White Diamonds Lustre, which should be cool, given how totally rad the original ads were.

But as my coworker Dodai notes, "Meanwhile, poor dead Marilyn Monroe is in Chanel AND Dior ads."

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Nia Long really should have been a bigger star. I thought Love Jones and Boiling Room were going to launch her but I guess since Halle Berry exists the quota for hot black romantic leading ladies was already filled? I became doubly convinced of Long's sexual charisma when I saw her scene with Jude Law in the otherwise awful ALFIE remake.