Watch Whoopi Goldberg Rant About The View Hosting Rumors

At the very start of The View Thursday morning, Whoopi Goldberg effusively expressed her thoughts on all the gossip that's been spreading about who will replace Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy as hosts of the show, implying that she's sick of stories about the women involved catfighting.

"We don't know who's coming in," said Whoopi, however, "We will do our best to bring you the view that Barbara Walters wanted you to have, which is women talking about issues. We are not little kids. We are grown-ass women."

"I don't argue with people – we have spirited discussions," Whoopi went on to say. "I don't fight with people – it's not my way. Quit trying to make me into something I'm not. I'm not a little girl with cat claws. I'm not a cat. I'm a girl with a fist, okay?"


"Quit trying to make something happen and let whatever's going to happen happen."

Hopefully Elisabeth Hasselbeck tuned in to Whoopi's segment, because she and Rosie O'Donnell are currently battling it out, this time via the internet. Rosie took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to criticize Hasselbeck's criticism of her, specifically calling out Hasselbeck for being two-faced.

O'Donnell also responded to Wendy Williams this morning; Williams had sent her praise, writing "I'm #team @Rosie." O'Donnell thanked Williams for "the shout-out," responding that she "was not fired" from the show, clarifying that "left and would not return." Update: The View says Rosie's now definitely onboard.


Okay, everyone just be quiet now, Whoopi said so.

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