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New Vibrator Can Record Your Vagina Because Why Not?

In case you never really looked down there, there’s a new vibrator with a built-in camera so you can pleasure yourself while exploring your vag. Multitasking, FTW.


A China-based company called Svakom has created a slick sex toy — the Gaga — that houses a camera lens and a light at its tip so you can really get a good look at your fallopian tubes or show your partner exactly where your clitoris is actually located. I love this gadget already.

The Gaga has a USB charger cable so you can plug the device into your laptop and upload your vag’s greatest hits. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship, The Daily Dot says that the Gaga can also be controlled remotely through a wireless app. I mean, it's rechargeable (which means you'll never run out of batteries mid-stroke) and can be used as an educational tool, both of which are great. But the camera does make me think the Gaga is just a new way to make amateur porn — just me?

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This would of been great help to find that condom that i lost down there like 2 days ago. UGHH I don't know why guys with mediocre sized peens always want to try and use a magnum. GAWWDD!!