Russian Couple Caught Having Sex in Public on Historic Fountain

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An amorous couple were caught on camera having sex on a public fountain in Russia in the middle of the day.

Police are now looking for the couple who they say face serious consequences for their actions. Via Metro:

The erotic encounter was filmed by 26-year-old Aleksey Douhov as the lovebirds went at it for 15 minutes on top of the historic fountain in the city of Samara, with the video quickly becoming one of the most watched on Russian social media.

The video shows the woman on top of the man, who is lying on the fountain wall, while people in the street walk past. At the end of the clip, the woman climbs off the man, they get dressed and then both walk off laughing.

'I guess they were at it for about 15 minutes and nobody did anything, even though it was 11 o'clock in the morning,' Mr Douhov said.


As The Mirror notes, this is the latest in a string of public sex incidents across Europe. Is there something in the water? Are Europeans getting sexually aroused by how well Germany has done in the World Cup?

Earlier this month a pair were pictured having an underground station in Vienna.

An amorous duo were also snapped having sex next to a cash machine in the foyer of a bank, in Oviedo, in northern Spain.


Perhaps this is all just some elaborate viral prank to promote Sex Tape or something. I don't know. But I do know this video is NSFW for obvious reasons.

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I don't speak Russian, but I'm guessing the word in the bottom right corner of the screen is SHOCKING!