160 Afghan Girls Poisoned For Daring Go to School

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One hundred sixty students from an all-girls school in the Afghan province of Takhar province were admitted to the hospital yesterday after being poisoned yesterday, the second mass poisoning of schoolgirls in the country in a week. US, Afghan, and NATO authorities believe that several of the Taliban's army of assclowns are responsible. The Taliban is claiming that they are rubber and everyone else is glue, and that NATO poisoned the girls in an attempt to make the Taliban look bad. And amidst the finger pointing and bickering, the fact remains that 280 young women have been poisoned in Afghanistan in the last week for going to school and that sort of makes a person just want to hit the reset button on life.

According to CNN, the method of poisoning isn't yet known, but authorities suspect that Taliban members (or someone who wanted to make the Taliban look bad so much that they were willing to poison little girls in order to do it) sprayed the classrooms with a toxic substance before the girls arrived for classes. By midday, students complained of headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Some vomited.

Most were treated at local hospitals and released shortly thereafter.

Earlier this year, a well was poisoned at a girl's school in the same province, sickening 170 girls, and earlier this month, 400 boys were sickened at another school in a different province. Both of those attacks were blamed on anti-education activists. The Taliban really, really, hates thinking. More than they hate poisoning damn kids.



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If anyone needs us, Ron Swanson and I will be off in the corner getting drunk until poisoning children is no longer considered a viable way to get your point across.