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16-Year-Old's Rape Goes Viral Because Human Beings Are Terrible

Illustration for article titled 16-Year-Olds Rape Goes Viral Because Human Beings Are Terrible

The recorded rape of a Houston area teen has gone viral on social media, sparking its own mocking hashtag on Twitter and sending humanity spiraling ever more rapidly toward its inevitable and rapidly approaching self-inflicted demise.


According to the victim, who has identified herself to the media as only "Jada," the sexual assault occurred at the house of a classmate. Jada says she showed up to a party and made the mistake of accepting a drink that she did not herself make (women: make everything you consume with your own hands or risk rape!) and passing out. She says things got fuzzy after that.


It wasn't until later, when Jada saw video and picture evidence of her own sexual assault on her social media feed, that she even knew she'd been raped.

But it wasn't just raw video of Jada's rape that was making the rounds; intrepid internet users, hungry for some semblance of mental stimulation in their bleak, screen-centric existences, began Tweeting photos of themselves splayed out like Jada was in the video along with the hashtag #jadapose.

C'mon, catastrophic asteroid! Let's go plague! You can do it, ecosystem destroying supervolcano eruption! I'm pulling for you!


Jada, to her credit, refuses to shrink away in shame and has began speaking publicly about what happened to her, saying that because so many people have seen her naked body being assaulted, there's no point in hiding her face. Houston police are investigating.

Jada's alleged rapist, Innel Yahia lacks the good sense to shut the fuck up about what happened and sent the following charming series of Tweets in his defense:

Illustration for article titled 16-Year-Olds Rape Goes Viral Because Human Beings Are Terrible

Unfortunately for Yahia, "the hoe snitched!" isn't a legally acceptable defense against rape charges.

And unfortunately for Yahia's garbage human supporters, their continual tweeting of videos of Jada's assault might constitute the distribution of child porn. Which is definitely illegal.


Everything is terrible.

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Agreed. If there's anything good that comes out of this story, it's that at least I learned that a brave and great and wonderful girl, Jada, exists in this godforsaken cesspool called earth.