16 And Pregnant: Maternity Belly Rings Exist

On last night's episode, 17-year-old Lizzie wasn't as concerned about how her pregnancy would change her plans for the future as she was about how it would affect her belly ring. Fortunately—for her anyway—they come in maternity sizes.

Lizzie had dreams of being a musician in an orchestra, but after becoming pregnant, she changed her mind and decided to become an ultrasound technician. When college proved to be too time-consuming, she quit, and somehow maintained a positive disposition about the "importance" of motherhood, which will no doubt be dampened some point down the road when she's up shit creek with no education, much less a paddle.


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lady rainicorn

I didn't see this episode, but from the commercials, what I got out of her story was that the boyfriend seemed like a dick...but most of their boyfriends are that way.

At least she still has dreams.