Bears: They're just like us!

If you're a fan of novelty twitters that gather steam quickly and burn out even quicker, you'll want to jump on the Bears Acting Human feed immediately. It's quickly escalating on Twitter and it looks like it'll be a good least for a couple of weeks.

The premise of the feed, which features photos and videos of our ursine friends, is that bears and humans are very much alike. Bears enjoy tanning, calling out to their buddies and complimenting your shoes the same way that some of your closest pals might. The feed aims to restore some semblance of togetherness between bears and humans so that we might all one day hibernate together in a dark cave. I don't actually know if that's the feed's intention, but the whole thing is pretty cute and the idea of a three month nap appeals to me, so we'll go with that. Check out some of the best tweets below:


Image Via Shutterstock