Idina Menzel Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction, Says 'They're Real!'

I know them's fighting words, but if you're going to suffer a wardrobe malfunction — this one was not staged because who needs more publicity after the Adele Dazeem fiasco? — the best thing to do is make a "Defying Gravity" joke and move on. Kids in the audience be damned.


Idina Menzel was just about to rip up "Take Me or Leave Me" during her show at Radio City Music Hall when something happened to her dress, which appears to be a leather busier underneath a silver gown. I don't know whether those are two costumes combined or just one costume that's very daring, but whatever it was Menzel was popping out of it big time. Instead of freaking out about it, though, the best Elphaba there ever was (come at me, bro) looked at herself on the giant screen, said "Well, she's a sexy character" added a "well, fuck it, they're real" and continued singing her damn song. Because that's how you do it. #professional.

Ok, fine, here's the whole video. Sing along, but know that I don't approve! Thanks, JP.

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Idina is the tits! I got to see her live when she recorded her PBS special years ago. One of the happiest nights of my life.