Deceased Woman Looks Fabulous, Smokes Menthol at World's Best Funeral

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A New Orleans woman had a very nontraditional funeral this week. Instead of lying in a casket she was up, sitting, and holding a menthol cigarette.

Miriam Burbank, whose daughters call her Mae Mae, was full of life and her daughters said they wanted her funeral to reflect that. At her funeral, Burbank sat at a table in a living room-like setting. Her fingernails were painted gold and black to reflect her love of The New Orleans Saints, she had a Busch beer next to her and a disco light spun overhead.

According to WGNO, Burbank's family enjoyed what they thought was a fitting goodbye for a woman who had such a zest for living.


Image via WGNO

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I each their own, but I just can't with this. When my grandpa died, we were leaving the visitation when Mom called to say she forgot to take off his cross pin he wore every Sunday and didn't want to forget it before the funeral. Oh, no problem, says I, and asked one of the employees if it could be retrieved. She ushers me into the visitation room, up to the casket, and gestures to his body while she respectfully stands there. I thought she was going to take it off for me. I genuinely had to psyche myself up to reach down and remove the pin, and this was a man whom I loved dearly, but I swear to you I kept waiting for him to grab my arms.

I may have watched too much scary shit over the years...