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Poll: How Often Do You Really Masturbate?

Illustration for article titled Poll: How Often Do You emReally/em Masturbate?

Recently, FiveThirtyEight compiled information from a 2009 study from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior on how often people of different ages engage in self-pleasure. As is usually the case with studies like this, the post garnered lots of attention from those individuals who think the participants were big fat liars.

Illustration for article titled Poll: How Often Do You emReally/em Masturbate?

According to the data (collected from a sample size of almost 6,000 Americans) a large percentage of women masturbate basically never, regardless of their age. Very few women masturbate consistently – like, two-to-three times a week or more. Conversely, while there were men who said they never or rarely masturbated, there were far more men who copped to jerkin' it frequently.

These numbers, of course, differed depending on age. Overall, when asked whether they had ever masturbated, more men than women said they had, regardless of age. Depending on the age range of the respondents, the amount of women who said they had masturbated was anywhere from 10 to 25 percent lower than the number of men who said the same thing.


What does this mean? Are women lying? Are they not taught to masturbate as much? Do men ever worry that their penises will fall off? There are so many questions that you can help us answer! To start: how often do you, a woman, touch yourself intimately?


How accurate did you find the original survey data for women?


What about for men?


Please fill out these highly unscientific polls, you harlots, because the TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. (John 8:32)

Image by Jim Cooke.

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It sort of varies, depending on my hormone levels, level of activity, whether or not there's a hot boy I'm crushing on...

On a related note, WHY WOULD ANYBODY NOT MASTURBATE? It's a FREE ORGASM, no strings attached, it's the actual BEST.