Demi Lovato Tells Seth Meyers She Knows Aliens and Mermaids are Real

Demi Lovato appeared on Wednesday's Late Night with Seth Meyers to debut her new hair and discuss some theories she has on aliens and mermaids. Fun!


Don't even joke about the hair color thing—it was a REALLY big deal on Twitter yesterday. (In breaking celebrity hair news, it is lavender/silver ombre, per Lovato's own tweet.) She and Meyers then discussed aliens, because why not.

"How self-centered would we be as humans to believe that we are the only living things in the universe," she said of her belief in extra-terrestrials.

"Well, call me self-centered because I don't believe in aliens," responded Meyers.

She's also convinced mermaids are entirely real and said they are alien beings which live in parts of the Indian Ocean which we "have never explored before." She said there was a "really convincing documentary that came out" about them ("The Little Mermaid?" asked Meyers) but then the next day "they had to say it was fake" ("Because of the mermaid lobby?" Meyers had soooooo much fun with this.) She said the documentary was on the Discovery channel—could she be talking about Animal Planet's Mermaids? Are there more mermaid documentary filmmakers out there who have been silenced by the government or something? I have no idea.

She doesn't believe in Bigfoot, but she's holding off on formulating an opinion about the moon landing being faked because she's hasn't done her "research" yet. Oh my god, I love her. This absolutely might one of my favorite celebrity talk show appearances of all time.



I like her. I can't help it. She's talented and seems to be pretty solidly together, after going through a tremendous rough patch. She can actually sing, and it drives me crazy that many of these "singers" can't sing at all.