​The Hunger Games Theme Park Might Actually Happen

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Apparently, Lionsgate Entertainment is considering making even more bank off of the Hunger Games franchise. With the two-part Mockingjay movie still in the works, the company is creating The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, a museum tour set to launch next summer and will feature costumes, props, and other elements from the Hunger Games world. It is thought to be a potential precursor to an actual Hunger Games-based theme park, but don't get too excited—it's probably safe to assume that the theme park won't recreate the premise of the book, inviting customers to kill each other for survival and entertainment of others.


Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer discussed the possibility last year as well, so who knows how realistic an endeavor this could be. One things' for sure: Lionsgate is far from through milking that Hunger Games cash cow. So even if we don't get a theme park, we might start getting Hunger Games-themed bodegas or Honda Accords or tampons or something.



I don't see how anything from Hunger Games could be turned into an amusement ride. I'd gladly go walking through a museum to see props and costumes, but can you imagine a ride where you get flung off a spinning island into a lake made of blood rain? I can. It doesn't sound fun at all.