California Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Condoms in Porn

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On Tuesday, a bill requiring actors in pornographic films to wear condoms passed the California Assembly.

According to Democrat Isadore Hall III, who authored the bill, the measure seeks to implement safety standards in adult film industry. Via the Associated Press:

[AB1576] advanced to the Senate on a 41-12 vote, the minimum number of votes needed. The bill follows a similar mandate in Los Angeles County, approved by voters in 2012.

Hall said his bill is a workplace safety measure to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, citing recent industry-imposed moratoriums on adult film shoots after actors were diagnosed.


The bill has provoked contentious committee hearings, with adult-film representatives saying it would persuade their industry to flee California. The Valley Industry and Commerce Association says the adult film industry is worth $6 billion in the San Fernando Valley.


According to the Los Angeles Times, the bill would also require adult film performers to be "tested for sexually transmitted infections no more than 14 days before filming." The bill was not without opposition:

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks), the only lawmaker to speak against the bill on the floor, said he was concerned with the larger implications of placing a mandate on an industry. "I believe the implications of whatever is passed in this bill will be felt by every other small business owner in the state of California," Donnelly said.


"Condoms are made for home environments, normal sex and normal time frames," said adult film star Kayden Kross during an April hearing.

The bill passed 45-14 and now moves to the Senate.

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