The Scrunchie Is Back, Do You Want One?

Illustration for article titled The Scrunchie Is Back, Do You Want One?

The scrunchie has returned and it is the not-so-newest old thing to be revived ironically. How do you feel about this? I am…torn.


Apparently the revival began with eyebrow-hero herself model Cara Delevingne, who admitted back in 2012 that she liked the fabric-covered elastics. Then, according to the New York Post, Prince Harry’s then-girlfriend Cressida Bonas hopped on the scrunchie train by late 2013, followed by pop stars like Rita Ora and Selena Gomez.

Now labels like Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Rag & Bone and Missoni are showcasing the hair ties and two women, Kata Sharkey de Solis and Ruthie Friedlander, have even begun a scrunchiesofinstagram page, drawing on 1980s and 1990s throwback images mixed with photos of Britney Spears, like, last week. Blame Winona Ryder and Heathers.

“Ruthie and I were inspired by the film’s use of the red scrunchie as the physical embodiment of power,” says Sharkey de Solis. “Somehow this ended up translating into a late-night purchase of our first scrunchies in 15 years.”

Will you be buying a scrunchie this summer? We’re all friends here, you can be honest.



For the big-haired among us, scrunchies have always been useless. When they were cool the first time around, I would use a regular thick elastic first, and then put the scrunchie over it, or else that ponytail would quickly come undone due to the overall weight of my hair. The only real use I had for it was to put around my bun for ballet class, but now I do a gigantic sock bun, and there is NO scrunchie that could handle that sort of pressure. Weak as water!